Bringing Web3 To Life: ushering in decentralized Out-Of-Home Media

From restaurants and cafes to stores and shops, small business owners need help growing their communities. Larger businesses too could stand to improve communications. 

At Vanten, Better Human Communication has been our mission since our establishment in 1998. Now, we’re ready to take it to the next level. We plan to use Web3 technology to create the world’s first Decentralized Out-of-Home (DeOOH) media.

Screens play in shops, and digital billboards play on buildings. This is digital signage (DS),  or Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) media when its content includes paid advertising, and it’s becoming ubiquitous.

Technology has transformed the way we communicate, and the pace is accelerating. No one knows where that leads us, though. We believe digital signage will play an essential role in bridging the virtual and physical worlds as we move into the Web3 era. 

In the best case, digital signage will bring more harmony to our lives as we struggle with the gap between two disparate worlds. Furthermore, this role is also a critical step to realizing the metaverse: The place where augmented, virtual, and extended realities, along with the many cyberspace worlds will merge seamlessly with our real-world meatspace.

We’ve written a white paper to describe our take on this in more detail, and lay out our roadmap for moving to DeOOH. As part of this plan,  in July 2021, we released a Limited Edition of our NFT viewers called ScrambleTV as NFT bundles loaded with special perks and a lifetime subscription to ScrambleTV SaaS service.  

You will be able to attach your ScrambleTV player to any screen and display your NFTs, creating your very own private gallery. At any time, owners of these NFTs can participate in the world’s first DeOOH media, helping to shape the future of communication.

We’re always looking to plant the seeds of our vision. Each person participating brings us closer to a decentralized world where communication makes lives better. If this sounds interesting to you, please let us know by dropping us a line.

View the white paper by Neil van Wouw, CEO of Vanten.